The Roadmap

The LegalCoin Roadmap will set out exactly what we want to achieve, how we will do it, and why the projects are beneficial for the LegalCoin community.

  1. First Exclusive Launch of LegalCoin NFTs

We want early adopters to have the benefit of choosing from exclusive legal-themed NFTs. Any early adopter will have LegalCoin Tokens airdropped into their wallet. You will take the first steps on a long journey to revolutionise the legal industry.

  1. Secondary Market Launch

The creation of a Secondary Market on the LegalCoin platform with the Marketplace. This includes an Auction Platform, the ability to trade NFTs and details on the buy-back option.

We will create a thriving community of like-minded holders, with forums, Q&As, FAQs and more.

  1. Further Utility Development

AI Chatbot

In collaboration with Salford University, along with funding from European Regional Development Fund, LegalCoin will create a revolutionary artificial intelligent chatbot specific to the legal industry.

The AI chatbot will revolutionise how law firms connect and assist claimants looking for initial legal advice. The bot will use the latest AI and blockchain technology from the LegalCoin infrastructure to provide claimants legal advice and help them to seek financial redress.

This will give access to justice to the masses.

  1. Payment Processing

Using blockchain technology, once developed, the LegalCoin token will be able provide fast, scalable and decentralised settlement payments in a matter of seconds, rather than the “3-5 working days” of bank transfers.

  • Fast, reliable payments
  • Real-time Verifications
  • Automatically execute payments using Smart Contracts

The goal is to accelerate the payments, reduce overhead costs, and ensure all payments are secure.

  1. Case Management Software

Smart contract technology built using LegalCoin can also be used in relation to case management software, automatically progressing a case or updating a client whenever a new piece of ruling has been passed down.

  • Multi-account onboarding
  • Client tracking
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Advanced Customer Relation Management

Allowing for full transparency, the innovative LegalCoin software will also be used to give stakeholders updates in relation to certain legal cases.

  1. Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is a key barrier to overcome in the fight for access to justice. We need to ensure everyone has the same legal rights and benefits. Using LegalCoin’s state-of-the-art technology, we can provide the systems and processes to fund various legal cases across the world.

Our Smart Contract technology can send funds to law firms when a certain criteria has been met, with the LegalCoin Token acting as a decentralised, safe and secure way to transfer funds accurately.

  1. Legal Report Automation

Using LegalCoin’s decentralised network of technology and immutable ledger systems, AI can perform automated legal reports and intelligent tasks that many lawyers currently complete.

  • Save thousands of hours of work
  • Organise immense databases
  • Strengthen cybersecurity

Using blockchain to store and distribute AI models provides an audit trail, and pairing blockchain with AI can also massively enhance data security.

  1. Continuous Development of NFTs, Token and Utility

The scale of the opportunity for LegalCoin and its potential NFT holders is vast. The trend suggests that there is an increasing demand for transactional practice areas, growing legal tech industry, and a real push towards globalisation of services.

We will continue to have our finger on the pulse of blockchain developments, legal tech trends, and implement Web 3.0 into the legal world.