Legal Coin

Bringing The Legal Industry Into The Digital World

We are LegalCoin and we will change the face of the legal industry forever.

Using state-of-the-art Blockchain technology, we are minting a number of exclusive legal-themed NFTs in order for holders to join us on this journey and benefit from the added value LegalCoin brings. Be an early adopter and reap the rewards.

Through our innovative technology, LegalCoin will be using decentralised ledgers to create digital systems within the legal industry that modernise a very old and tired, yet extremely profitable profession.

The legal marketplace can utilise this tech in a number of crucial ways. We will solve a lack of access, a lack of transparency, unattainable legal costs and slow processes, and finally bring the legal industry into the 21st century and Web 3.0.

Who We Are

Who Are LegalCoin?

LegalCoin are a group of Lawyers, Blockchain Developers, Business Directors, and Crypto Experts who have joined forces to form a formidable team who will tackle the legal industry head on. We are proud to be based in the home of Crypto in Dubai, alongside Coinbase, Crypto.com and Binance.

Our technology is hosted on the ultra-fast, scalable decentralised platform of market-leader, Telos. Their blockchain technology can process 10,000 transactions per second, with a network that has unparalleled speed and scalability.

We are looking to make law more accessible, quicker, more efficient, more transparent and curb the stagnation that law firms have been suffering from for the past decade.

Research shows that there has been relatively low penetration of cutting edge technology across the profession, despite demands from clients and regulators for greater efficiency and more transparent costs. We are here to tackle this.

Using NFTs and our token, we will inject Web 3.0 into the industry and bring our NFT holders along with us on the journey.

Join Us

Become An Early Adopter

The first round of LegalCoin NFTs has officially been minted. If you would like to purchase one of our exclusive legal-themed NFTs today, visit our Marketplace and begin the process. Remember, you can purchase an NFT using a Credit or Debit Card, and all NFTs are purchased in £GBP.

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How To Use

What we do offer

Buy and Trade NFTs

Using our Marketplace, Holders can purchase and trade exclusive NFTs using simple Debit or Credit Card methods.

Grow LegalCoin Utility

We will be creating state-of-the-art legal products and services using Web 3.0 technology. The value of LegalCoin will increase, as could your NFT.

Earn From Buy-Back Scheme

We will look to buy your NFT from you at full market value plus a percentage uplift after 12 months. Don’t want to sell? You can keep it for your collection.

Our Legal NFTs

In our first round of minting, LegalCoin will create 2,625 unique NFTs

Silver 200 Qty

Bronze 2,400 Qty

Holders can purchase these NFTs using simple Debit or Credit Cards methods – no complicated keys or authentication, no long sign-up processes. Simply fill in your details, create a LegalCoin Wallet and you are able to buy NFTs.

You will also have access to the LegalCoin Marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade other NFTs. More NFTs will be released with each iteration of LegalCoin. Your Digital Wallet interface will mean you can view, collect, and store your NFTs all in one place. Each NFT will be managed by its own Smart Contract.

LegalCoin will also look to buy your NFT back off of you at full market value plus a percentage uplift after 12 months. This buy-back option will be explained to you in full detail before you purchase any NFT. Alternatively, the NFT can be retained by the holder as a collectable to maximise and further appreciation.

Our Mission

Revolutionise An Industry

Why should you join us on this journey? Why buy into LegalCoin? By selling NFTs, LegalCoin will be creating various legal products and services. Legal tech is on the verge of a breakthrough as we enter into a new digital world. We will break down the Web 2.0 barriers and drag the industry kicking and screaming into the future. As a company, we will create:

As we create these legal enhancements and add more use cases of blockchain tech within the industry, the value of LegalCoin increases. Your NFT can increase in value as we develop and progress an entire industry.

Not only this, when you buy an NFT, we will airdrop official LegalCoin tokens into your wallet. These tokens will be used within the industry in the coming years for various safe, secure, and fast transactions. Being an early adopter means you will receive a number of LegalCoin tokens, for free, with no limit as to what they could be worth in a year’s time.

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